Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Flotsam And Jetsam, Or The Lack Thereof

My first entry. It took me long enough. I started creating this space several months ago, but have been ambivalent about actually posting. I've had an itch to join this discussion for a few years now, but have avoided doing so for several reasons.

First, I am pretty sure I don't have anything new or groundbreaking to say.

Second, I don't think I can commit to posting about a consistent topic or theme. My brain doesn't function that way. It flits from subject to subject, seldom alighting long enough to develop an ongoing interest, much less a passion or an obsession.

Next, I have never shown any sign of having any self regulating discipline when it comes to following through on most of my best intentions, so I am certain that determining a schedule to post and then sticking to it, is beyond me.

And finally, while I have written all my life I've never been particularly interested in sharing my writings with anyone.

So, what has changed? Nothing really. But it finally dawned on me that few people on earth actually have something new or groundbreaking to say, but that doesn't seem to stop them from saying it. So why should it give me pause?

I also realized that this is my space and I'm not required to stick to a single topic. I may not have obsessions, but I have several diversions that occupy my mind and I can write about all of them, if I want. So my posts won't focus on a central topic or theme. Instead I will meander through whatever is catching my attention at the moment - news, books, music, politics, religion, the decline of the empire or the end of the world. Which, by the way I think about a lot.. Not in a pseudo-religious Rapturesque-like way. More in a "thank god we've managed to live another day without wiping ourselves off the face of the earth" way. There will also be occasional posts that some might find sexually explicit. Right now pondering the weird stages and strange turns my libido is taking, completely without my consent I might add, is the closest thing to an obsession I have.

I will post some fictional pieces I've been playing with as well. But I won't bore you, or more likely, bore myself, with discussions of such topics as visits to the doctor, my grown up kids who act like toddlers, the never-ending list of coworkers and family members who are always and collectively bugging the hell out of me, my cat, or the other flotsam and jetsam of my personal life.

As far as being disciplined enough to keep to a schedule? Well, it finally dawned on me that in all likelihood I may be the only person who will ever read this, so, if I'm not hung up about a schedule and no one else will even be aware that I don't follow one, my failure to stick to it, should not be an issue.

And this last bit applies to my final reason for putting this off as well. I may be posting my writings in a public venue so they are accessible to others, but I am doubtful that my audience will ever swell to a degree that anyone besides me will actually read what I post. So, that isn't really a valid excuse either.

That, I think, is sufficient for a first posting. I feel a somewhat sheepish sense of accomplishment. I'm on a roll now, baby!

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