Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I, Jurist

I am on jury duty. This is momentous news to no one but me. However, it has made me the laughing stock of my office. I work in an industry that historically almost guaranteed I would never get picked for a jury in a civil trial. But, I guess the seventh time is the charm.

Although my coworkers assume I must have done something terribly stupid to get caught, I was actually kind of happy when I realized that my profession would not be held against me and I might be picked for a change. Kind of like the last kid chosen for a pickup game of baseball. Sometimes if feels good just to be chosen next to the last.

I think that serving on a jury is every citizen's responsibility and I thought seeing how the legal system worked from the juror's perspective might be interesting.

It might be ... but you could never prove it by the case I am hearing. Ugh.

Even though I don't expect this posting will be read anytime soon, and I am not identified, I will still do the right thing and not discuss any of the specifics of the trial.

But when it is over, I may rant and rave for a week. To say the experience has not been an opportunity to increase my positive perception of the legal system would be a gross understatement. I've told my coworkers that the next time I decide to exercise my civic duty they have my permission to gag me, tie me to my desk chair and lock me in my office with my TV running continuous loops of the Judge Judy show, until I come to my senses.

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