Monday, February 2, 2009

Sticking My Nose In Places I Belong

I am one of those people who can go online to check what time a movie starts, only to find myself four hours later immersed in the world of Robert Clive and the establishment of British India. (This particular exercise is not nearly as highbrow as it might sound. I started down this path, not because of a thirst for British history, but because I happened to hear the tail end of a news story advising that Clive’s supposed pet, a giant tortoise, had just died in 2006, making it approximately 250 years old at the time of it’s death. I had to know more. That is exactly the kind of fascinating information they never teach you in school.)

As I have alluded to, I live to poke out arcane facts, figures and rumors scratching beneath their surface to discover if they are really as meaningless and trite as others think they are. The answer is almost always - yes. But the joy is in the hunt, not the trophy.

All of this poking around has introduced me to fascinating websites and blogs, fueled by people who obviously share my thirst for the sublime and the ridiculous. Many of them are quite well known, sites visited frequently. But some of them are sites I either accidently happened on and discovered the wealth of knowledge they contained or I undertook an exhaustive search to track down sites I had only heard whispered of elsewhere. On the off chance that at some point someone may happen on my scribbling, I will list several of these on this page. As I stumble upon new (at least to me) fascinating ones I will add those as well.

One caveat, I also follow several blogs/sites that include adult content. There are a few that I find so compelling, due to the author’s talent with words or the subject matter, I will list them too. They will be listed separately with an adult only warning. Even if the topics aren’t your cup of tea, if you appreciate elegant writing and are open minded, I encourage you to explore those as well.

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