Friday, March 13, 2009

Time Flying, While Standing Still - Introduction

I’ve never been one to ruminate over the passage of time. While I hate many of the inconveniences brought on by supposed maturity, I can’t say I mind the passing of one decade more than the one before. I’ve always bought into the notion that time marches inexorably onward, laid out along a linear path, never swerving from it’s quest for the next great milestone of my insignificant life.

However, several recent instances and and re-awakened memories have caused me to question this unerring belief. These questions regarding my lifelong vision of the passage of time stem from … well … the passage of time.

One of the advantages of aging is that the longer you live the more personal history you create and the more personal history you create the easier it is to detect patterns in that history. As I’ve perused memories over the last few months, I’ve been reminded of several instances that seem to repudiate the pattern of my belief in the linear passage of time. Each instance, on its own is not enough to make me question that belief. But as I consider the whole, I’ve reached the conclusion that I have been wrong, yet again.

Since I find I’m wrong about so many things on a maddeningly regular basis, I tend to accept my wrongheadedness with much more grace than I used to. Most of the time when I realize my error, if it isn’t causing a problem for anyone else, I acknowledge it and move on, There aren’t enough hours in the day to properly atone for every error of my ways.

But this issue of time and its passage is something that requires additional thought and attention. And so like Rod Serling, I invite you to enter the Twilight Zone of my mind. However, while I always hate to see the “To be continued” scroll at the end of an episode of a favorite TV show, I think I would bore both any reader and myself, if I attempt to describe and dissect all of the incidences that have led me to question my concept of time. So, I will pick up this thread from time to time, examine another incident and hopefully reveal my changing beliefs as I pick my way through these posts. I will identify each as belonging to this thread in the title.

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