Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Mess that Ate My Brain

A frightening event that I knew was inevitable, but hoped could be postponed, can not. I now have 9 draft posts all in various stages of dress. Every time I click the "Edit post" tab, there they sit with their smugly challenging Draft label in bold orange letters.

This is a problem for me. It means I am not focused. And when I am not focused I accomplish absolutely nothing.

When I have too many tasty bits floating around in my brain or on a screen I become incapable of turning any of them into full fledged meals. At the same time, I have difficulty concentrating on anything but those bits. Little, unimportant parts of my life like my job, kids, spouse, eating and breathing tend to be back
burnered, while I try and figure out how to round up all these bits, arrange them in some manageable configuration and deal with them in an orderly fashion, one piece of tasty goodness at a time.

I've suffered through this before. Each time I seem to work my way out of the situation, but have yet to come up with a consistent remedy.
Probably my favorite trick is to combine every random topic floating in my brain into one essay or story. Needless to say, unless there is a common factor shared by all of the partial ideas rolling in my head, this becomes quite difficult. Actually, it is pretty easy for me. I just take each thought and connect them with an "and" or "also", making one long run-on sentence. Unfortunately, it makes absolutely no sense to any one attempting to read it.

So, I will forge on and hopefully over the next couple of days I will achieve clarity regarding at least some of my pending posts and finish them up. I am bound and determined to contribute to the Writing Adventure Group this week, since I missed last week, but am drawing a complete blank on that topic, so we will see.
In the meantime if anyone can come up with a meaningful way to combine into one comprehend-able piece the following topics, I am all ears:

1. Vacuum tube stereo systems;
2. Daughter striking out on her own (finally!);
3. My compassionate nature, or the lack thereof;
4. My ruminations on the issue of government sanctioned torture;
5. An exploration of how a close friendship can survive a business deal gone bad;

6. The complexities of uncomplicated sex (short story);
7. My attempt to make my small yard put the Chelsea Flower Show to shame;
8. The dearth of women related websites that are aimed at women over the age of 35, that are still meaningful and relevant - (aka why I hate the new WOWoWOW website so god damn much);
9. The Australian who came to Easter dinner;
10. A tale of two commitment-phobes (short story);
11. Plastic surgery for cats;
12. The WAG assignment, find something ugly and describe it beautifully (greatly abbreviated);
13. The basement that ate my family; and
14. The use of Thorazine to induce lactation and why this made me a terrible mother.

Just listing this has overwhelmed me. Off to bed.


Nancy J. Parra said...

Oh, my, try stream of conscious writing- think Virginia Wolfe. It might help. Good luck! We all have these days.

Lulu said...

Thanks! Getting the WAG done this week helped. Stream of conscious writing might help. Although sometimes that just gets me interested in more topics and then I just add to my list.