Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Must Respond

I sit, staring at my computer screen pondering whether words that can be read by so many are meant just for one. The darkness lends the written intimacies a devious intent.

I look for undercurrents churning below the surface of each sentence. At once the hidden context becomes clear. This sudden clarity, overwhelming in its intensity, makes the darkness surrounding me shift in nature from discomforted to depraved.

I sit transfixed, as your demands settle suffocatingly upon my chest. Slowing my now shallow breath I steady myself and reread the words. Surely I will find the intent, if not the actual language, more benign than comprehended at first glance. But your thoughts, your demands remain constant. There is no re-interpretation to be had.

Suddenly my dark and enclosed space is claustrophobic. A force is pressing in. Squeezing out the last of my resistance.

I cannot see the danger yet, cannot feel the damage. Pray I still have one more chance to close the door between us and walk away.

Too late I realize the power of the words marching across the screen. The danger is the words. The words already control my mind. What remains of me will surely follow. The damage has been done.


Deity said...

Damn those things called words, right?

Lulu said...

So true. They are my downfall.