Saturday, April 4, 2009

Percolating Reading

Sometimes, things cannot be re-said to any advantage. Paraphrasing, redacting or abridging often do considerable harm to the intent and understanding of the original document. This week I read several articles, columns, etc. that are worth sharing. And sharing in their original form.

The story of an intriguing Civil War mystery, its amazing solution based on pure synchronicity and several questions that have yet to be answered in the New York Times piece:
Whose Father Was He? by Errol Morris. It's a five parter, but worth every minute spent.

In the New Yorker, a couple of articles I've been meaning to mention for several days. Both, the original and a follow up deal with the apparent resurgence of Populism in this country and it's relationship to the evident paranoia currently gripping the right. Read both of George Packer's articles. Very insightful. Populism and Paranoia and the followup More Paranoia Both are fascinating reads. And thanks to Bernie Lantham at Brittle Hum of the Republic for pointing me towards these. His blog has basically become my reading and viewing list. He seems to be able to slog through all of the flotsam and jetsam and point me in the right direction towards the things I absolutely must see.

An absolutely heartbreaking article in Salon by Ann Bauer, The Monster Inside My Son One of the saddest stories I've read in a long time. It made my heart and my soul ache for her, her son and her entire family.

Finally, and on a much lighter note - the story of how our collective fascination with nonsensical branding, our unquenchable appetite to consume ever increasing amounts of ephemera and useless tchotchkes can spiral horribly out of control - if you have never visited the blog Hello Kitty Hell, you absolutely must.

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