Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Virginia Foxx Disgusts Me

Just when I think I've heard the most disgusting hate-filled tirade that could ever be said, I find that there is someone waiting in the wings ready to take my disgust level up one more notch. What has repulsed me to this degree? Read about it here, on Huffington Post.

I must admit I am not familiar with Virginia Foxx, the Congresswoman from North Carolina. No longer. She has repulsed me enough by this insensitive lie that serves no purpose that she will now move up to the top of my list of Republican Congressional Jack-Asses, right after the always wacky Michele Bachmann.

There was absolutely no reason to repeat the lies about a murder victim. Matthew Shepard never did anything to deserve this vitriolic spew. Ms. Virginia Foxx should be ashamed of herself. She certainly disgusts me.

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